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Your food ready in minutes

Making some delicious Popcorn to enjoy an afternoon at the movies with the family or leaving your lunches to the point is now a piece of cake!


Tailor-made kitchen

Our range of Condesa Kitchens is tailored
to your needs so that everything is easier when cooking.



Preserving your food is no longer a problem

Maintaining food quality is essential our freezers have the versatility you need,
you choose between frozen or refrigerated.



Freshness in every corner

Our refrigerators are designed to fit
every kitchen style. Choose the one that best suits
your space and your ability to use it.


Washing machines

Higher Capacity, Higher Efficiency

The new Condesa washing machines now have more capacity and power, which translates into cleaner clothes, saving time, water and detergent.



Enjoy comfortable environments

Condesa air conditioners have been inspired
by nature and designed for your comfort.


Water Dispensers

Water to your liking, wherever you are


Condesa dispensers are designed to adapt to any type of environment and provide you with the hydration you want at every moment of the day.




A refrigerator to suit you

Condesa executive refrigerators have
the ideal space
and temperatureto
store your food and drinks



Electric oven

Selection function, zoned baking

With our Esplendor Line built-in electric oven, you can bake the recipe of your choice above, below or on both sides.