March 2022) Condesa settled in Zulia territory, arriving at the Cabimas municipality as always with the help of Multimax Store; This is how there are already nineteen Condesa Zones within the largest Multi-brand in Venezuela that continues to expand through various cities in the country.

Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa, commented that he was proud to represent this line of electrical appliances that continues to leave its mark in every corner of Venezuela.

“We continue to expand our presence throughout the country, having the Multimax Store alliance has allowed us to reach many more Venezuelan homes, facilitating the acquisition of our products in a closer, safer and more reliable way,” he asserted.

The attendees took advantage of the inauguration to learn about the range of Condesa products, in the same way they received information from the advisors when purchasing Kitchens, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Refrigerators or Air Conditioners.

Dagga extended the invitation to all the inhabitants of Cabimas and its surroundings; to visit the Condesa Zone at Multimax Store where you can find quality products, specialized advice and excellent service.

Multimax Store Cabimas, is located on Av. Intercomunal, Los Ino sector, next to Traki.