Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa announced the start of a special contest that will be held through the brand’s social networks in alliance with Multimax Store.

In this contest, all the followers of the account and those who join will have five opportunities to win products belonging to the Condesa brand.

“We want to reward our followers because they have shown loyalty, fidelity, trust and support for our brand, we are truly grateful for it, as well as new followers, who will have the opportunity to learn about our products, being part of the Condesa Community. .” Manzur Dagga said.

Those who participate must comply with the regulations published through the Instagram account @Condesatrading and @Multimax_Store in which they will know all the steps to follow in order to be one of the lucky ones.

The president of the brand of household appliances, explained that among the prizes for which the participants will be able to choose are:

1st Prize: 200 liter fridge
2nd Prize: 8kg double tub washing machines
3rd Prize: Freezer 100 liters
4th Prize: 5 thousand BTU 110V Air Conditioner
5th Prize: 25 liter microwave

In this way, Condesa offers the opportunity to all its followers so that they can equip their home with a guaranteed quality product.