CONDESA TRADING, S.A, being one of the most recognized companies in the field of household appliances, on this occasion, betting on innovation, design and functionality, presents its new Deluxe Line. 

For the first time, it offers the market a range in which a space can be completely equipped since it is made up of tops, cookers and hoods, ovens and Side By Side refrigerators, marking a milestone in the brand’s history, therefore, the Elegance and sophistication were inspiration for the creation of these teams.

Design and innovation


Among the appliances that make up the Deluxe Line, there are gas, electric and dual cooktops, presenting 18 models which are made of glass-ceramic and 430 stainless steel, recognized for being of high quality and durability.

Deluxe Standing Stoves

The Deluxe Line brings five designs in this division, to satisfy all the demands of all its commercial partners, made with the best quality materials, such as Sabaf burners, guaranteeing durability and quality.

Deluxe Hoods

The Deluxe Line marked a before and after in the market, bringing three different models, being one of the most innovative equipment, due to its modern design and advanced technology.

Deluxe Ovens

One of the appliances that cannot be missing to complete a kitchen is the oven, and on this occasion the Deluxe Line presents a range with greater innovation, more functionalities and with a modern and elegant design.

Side By Side Refrigerator

With a sophisticated and comfortable design, the Deluxe Line presents the new Side by Side refrigerator, being one of the most technological equipment of the entire range, characterized by its large space and modernization.