At CONDESA TRADING, S.A we have characterized ourselves as an innovative company, not only with our appliances, but we have also opted for 3D technology, to provide our commercial allies with a different experience with each of the products, since these advances They will allow you to know them in detail with augmented reality and you can interact with the products before purchasing them.
In addition, we create tools such as CONDESA SMART TOUCH, a platform with which, in a single touch, you will have information of interest from all teams.


Thinking about continuing to grow and innovate, at CONDESA TRADING, S.A, we invest in advanced technology so that our commercial allies can use these incredible tools such as Augmented Reality (AR), where they can appreciate digital equipment in an environment in person. In addition, each of the appliances will have a third-dimensional visualization, to detail its design, characteristics and dimensions, facilitating the process of choosing the equipment.


The technological tool “Condesa Smart Touch” was designed with the objective that our commercial partners can use it with their clients, where they will be able to obtain all the information on each of the appliances, web pages, QR code and more.


With the aim of providing you with the best technological equipment for the growth of the companies and businesses of our commercial allies, we implement LED screens as a great tool that will allow them to cause a visual impact on their clients and thus enable them to display all Condesa appliances.


At CONDESA TRADING, S.A, we are a company in which we are characterized by supporting the growth of our commercial allies, that is why we provide displays, so that they can place all the Condesa brand appliances and have greater visibility in their stores.