Each of the lines that we have created represents us as a company, since our objective is to offer different appliances that adapt to the demands and requirements of people, adapting to new trends, with more innovative and excellent quality equipment.


Our Comfort Line is a line of appliances designed to make life easier and more comfortable. With a wide range of appliances for your home, from semi-automatic washing machines, refrigerators, minibars, split and window air conditioners, and even microwaves, they are easy-to-use products with simple solutions adapted to cover the basic needs of consumers.


A luxury range, this is how we describe our Deluxe Line, offering quality, design and efficiency. Its products are designed to satisfy the needs and tastes of demanding customers, who wish to enjoy a modern kitchen equipped with sophisticated and technological equipment. In addition to offering product options such as extractor hoods, stoves, air conditioners, side-by-side refrigerators, microwaves and wine cellars, which when integrated make a perfect combination of luxury in the home.


An exclusive line of kitchens, which allowed us to evolve since its launch in 2021 as a product that is easily accessible to the consumer, thanks to its basic design. Currently, we renew it to make way for a more sophisticated, innovative and visually attractive equipment thanks to new components of higher quality and durability.


At Condesa Trading, S.A, when we think about the creation of this line, we focus on appliances that have always been traditional in homes, equipment that when people appreciate it makes them feel at home, it is This is why the National Tradition Line offers products such as more modern kitchens and functional washing machines, which represent the quality that has always characterized us as a company.