International marketing management

The growth that the company CONDESA TRADING, S.A. has had in recent years has been achieved due to all the trained personnel it has in its facilities. This expansion has been achieved in part thanks to the international purchasing team that during the last decade has been Responsible for making large business alliances.

Likewise, this department carries out the task of coordinating between the marketing and logistics areas, becoming a key factor for the development and progress of the company.

The International Purchasing team is trained to take on great professional challenges, such as studying the national and international market to achieve alliances that benefit the company and its suppliers, increasing short-term profitability and establishing strategies that improve its competitive position in the market. market in the medium and long term.

The international purchasing workers of CONDESA TRADING, S.A are prepared to analyze the market, specify the appropriate marketing channel and carry out optimal purchasing management for our company.