Condesa Trading, S.A. launches website in China

The white goods company Condesa Trading, S.A. today announced the launch of its new website in China, with the aim of strengthening its presence in the Asian market and establishing better relationships with its local suppliers.

The website www.condesatrading.cn, which is available in Chinese and English, will offer detailed information about the products, services and values of the organization, as well as a space for direct contact with the commercial team of Condesa Trading, S.A.

The CEO of Condesa Trading, Manzur Dagga, expressed his satisfaction with this new project, which he considers an opportunity to expand its reach with the aim of consolidating its position as a leader in the household appliances sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“With our new website in this Asian country we intend to get closer to our suppliers in China, who are a fundamental pillar for our growth and development,” said Manzur Dagga.

In turn, the director of Condesa Trading expressed the following:

“we want to show our commitment to quality, innovation and commitment, as well as facilitate access to our company and each of our Divisions to continue strengthening our negotiations with the best manufacturing factories. appliances in the world,” said Dagga.

About Condesa Trading

Condesa Trading, S.A. is a company with financial operations in Panama, owner of the Condesa brand that is marketed in South America.

Thanks to business relationships with suppliers in China, it has positioned itself with its products in the South American region, offering innovative and competitive solutions to satisfy the needs of its customers in different markets.

Commercial Expansion

Seeking perfection in its appliances, it has expanded over the years, thus managing to work with the best manufacturers worldwide, located in Europe, Asia and Latin America, ensuring excellent operation and performance of its products.

With reference to the import and export of CONDESA brand equipment, which is dedicated to marketing high, medium and low-range white goods equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, kitchens, ovens and more, they are always in constant innovation, bringing advanced technology to all its equipment, guaranteeing people that it is useful, functional and durable.

To conclude, without a doubt Condesa Trading, S.A., has been characterized in recent years by establishing commercial relationships that go hand in hand with the growth they have achieved in the Region.