Condesa Trading, S.A projects an expansion in 2024

Condesa Trading, S.A. begins the year 2024 with expectations of continuing to grow and expand, thanks to the goals achieved during 2023, successfully becoming part of a large part of Latin America, Asia and Europe.

This was reported by Manzur Ramadán Dagga Mujamad, CEO of Condesa Trading, S.A., who declared that thanks to the receptiveness of the market this year, the brand is committed to always satisfying the needs of its partners with high-quality and efficient products.

“I am very proud of the projects achieved in 2023, which promoted us and gave us the vision to continue growing and expanding. This year we started it excited and with great surprises for South America, where we will present equipment that will transform the white goods market. internationally,” emphasized Manzur Dagga.

The Condesa brand incorporates the latest technologies in its appliances

The brand will introduce new equipment in each of its categories and brands, with more technology, efficiency and innovation that will set a trend in the white goods market.

With modern and avant-garde designs, each of the appliances will meet the expectations and other demands of people, adapting to different lifestyles, with the excellence that has characterized them for years in this field.

At the same time, Manzur Ramadan Dagga thanked all commercial allies for the great receptivity that the products have had in each of the countries. In this sense, it reaffirmed its commitment and commercial allies, in order to continue bringing each of its brands to every corner of the continent.

“Once again, Condesa Trading, S.A. reflects its love and commitment, providing solutions and generating ease in household tasks with quality products with support and guarantee,” said Manzur Dagga Ramadan, President of Condesa Trading, S.A.

This 2024, the white goods appliance corporation wishes all families to start a year full of life, health and that family unity will be the driving force to achieve great projects and goals. For its part, Condesa Trading, S.A. will continue to provide solutions through its products to improve the quality of life.

To learn more information about Condesa Trading S.A, its brands and its new products, you can visit www.condesatrading.com  and follow its social networks through @CondesaTrading