Condesa Trading unveils its new Door Art Refrigerator

Condesa Trading, S.A. launched a new Side By Side refrigerator, it is the Door Art Line belonging to its Condesa brand. An innovative product with cutting-edge technology and modern design with tempered glass, in colors: white and sky blue, joining the trend of international markets.

This was announced by Manzur Ramadán Dagga Mujamad, CEO of Condesa Trading, S.A., who detailed that the new Door Art refrigerator is part of the new product lines that the Condesa brand presents in 2024, with the aim of offering innovative and luxurious solutions to its commercial allies in South America.

“Our Door Art Side By Side offers the best of both worlds: beauty and efficiency, combining a modern and technological style, which matches the international refrigeration trend, adapting to markets in America, Europe, Asia and Latam.” said Manzur Dagga.

The Door Art refrigerator not only stands out for its aesthetics, but also for its performance. It has a capacity of 21 cubic feet. In addition, it has a Smart Inverter motor that adjusts the speed of the compressor according to demand, saving energy, also thanks to its rapid and uniform cooling system, which keeps food fresher for longer.

Likewise, the president of Condesa Trading, S.A. expressed that the cost of the new Door Art is another of its attractions. “This is a competitive refrigerator in the market due to its style and affordable value for consumers,” said Manzur Ramadan Dagga.


Combination of Art and Technology

The Door Art refrigerator from the Condesa brand has Smart Invert technology in its compressor, an innovation that allows the equipment to adapt to the conditions of use and save energy. In such a way, the compressor can vary its speed according to the cold demand, which reduces electrical consumption, maintaining a stable temperature that prevents frost formation.

It is a piece of equipment that not only offers you an elegant and modern design, but also a large capacity of 21 feet, double drawers with humidity control and space to store all types of food, and trays with an anti-spill system that prevent liquid accidents.

On the other hand, its colors: white and sky blue are a combination that reflects a work of art in the kitchen, guaranteeing a clean and modern style, adding an elegant touch that personalizes the space.

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